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Our Story

Officially  founded in  2020  by  Ciera Solomon-Mouzon.  Growing up  as  a child, our CEO always I  had  a  passion  for  hair.  Her goal  was  to one day become  a hairstylist. That  dream  was  evident in  2007,  when  she  received  her cosmetologist  license. The  love,  passion , and  care  Ciera always  had  to change  the  lives  of  others  wasn’t  going   to  just  stop  with  hairstyling. She had many challenges with  using various  hair care  products  on  the  market . They just  wasn’t  giving  her or  her clients the  results  that were desired or needed. Neither were the  ingredients  that  were  in  the  products  beneficial  for  the hair. 


 In 2020 our CEO  decided  it  was  time  to  create  Her  own  hair  care  product  line.  Ciera dedicated months  of extensive research for the  very best  ingredients  to  creating  a  healthy  hair care formula,  which  is  now  Her very  first  product “ Triple Nourishing Scalp Oil. ” This product was created and birthed right out of her very own kitchen and made with much love and care.


Royalties  Of  Essence focus on high quality natural,  pure,  and organic  ingredients  to  all  products to ensure our products are shelf stable and elevate their performance, as product performance and dependability are just as important as safety. Royalties of Essence products deliver on quality, results, affordability, benefits the community it serves, for everyday woman, men, and children, safe  and  efficient.